About The Center

About the Center
The Center organizes and preserves documents to ensure safety, confidentiality, content, and ease of reference.


  • Prepare plans for the Centre's activities and follow up on their implementation.
  • Supervise the organizational units associated with the Center administratively and technically, and coordinate among them to ensure their activities' interrelation and make the most of the available capacities.
  • Coordinate with the National Center of Archives and Records in all matters relating to implementing the Archives and Records Regulations, especially regulations related to the transfer and destruction of archives and records.
  • Propose regulations, rules, and procedures governing the University's reservation of documents in line with the Archives and Records Regulations and follow up on their implementation.
  • Issue, update, and follow up on the application of procedures manuals in the University's administrative communications, archives, and records in line with the Archives and Records Regulations.
  • Supervise incoming\outgoing correspondences and transactions into\out of the University, complete their registration, and forward them to relevant bodies in/out of the University.
  • Respond to inquiries and instruct them in matters related to correspondences.
  • Preserve archives and provide appropriate safety tools.
Faraj bin Khalif Al-Shammari
Director of Archives and Records Center
شعار جامعة الحدود الشمالية

Vision and Mission



  • ​Practical application of Archives and Records Regulations, Archives and Records Policy Classification, Coding Schemes , and future regulations and instructions issued by The National Center for Archives & Records.
  • Collect, classify, code, index, disclose, preserve, maintain and organize the University's documents, following rules and regulations.
  • Provide information and data on documentation to beneficiaries within or outside the University, following rules and regulations.
  • Provide and benefit from the Centre's qualified human resources.
  • Administrative and technical coordination of the functions of the Standing Committee of Documents.
  • Chronicle monitoring of the University's rules , regulations, plans, programs, projects, and administrative and procedural organizations in coordination with the relevant bodies.
  • Prepare and provide appropriate means of documentation.
  • Archives and Records Center is the actual mean of liaising with the National Documentation and Archives Center.